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530 East Main St. • Norman, OK  73071
405 • 364 • 3703

The mission of Norman’s Thunderbird Clubhouse is to build a community that offers respect and opportunities to adults living with and recovering from mental illness. With a $250,000 grant from Sarkeys in April of 2006, they were able to construct a new building where their members could work each day to achieve social, financial, vocational and independent living goals.

Thunderbird Clubhouse was founded in l991 to help in the recovery process of adults living with mental illness. Participants are called members because the focus is on the person’s strengths not their illness. The Clubhouse is a place where people who have mental illness can come and rebuild their lives through pre-vocational training, paid employment, housing opportunities and great social/recreational experiences. Membership is for life so members have all the time they need to secure their new life in the community.

Thunderbird Clubhouse members are guaranteed…

  • A place to come
  • A right to meaningful work
  • A right to meaningful relationships
  • A right to a place to return

For more information about Thunderbird Clubhouse visit: www.thunderbirdclubhouse.org