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Sarkeys Foundation awarded a grant in April of 2009 to a soup kitchen and food pantry in the Tulsa area. The mission of Iron Gate is simple but vital – to provide food in a friendly environment every day to the hungry and homeless in Tulsa without discrimination. Due to the present economic climate, the face of hunger and homelessness has changed. Guests range from newborn babies to 90-year-old seniors, and often include those households with working adults, veterans and those who receive food stamp services.

Staff and volunteers work tirelessly to make certain the disenfranchised of our nation are forgotten and overlooked. Unfortunately, Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of people suffering from food insecurity and hunger in the nation. Twenty-five percent of homeless persons are children and 22 percent are female domestic violence victims. Oklahoma’s poverty rate, abundance of low-wage and low-skill jobs, and percentage of the under-insured and uninsured continue to contribute to the homeless and hungry population. The struggle is further compounded by the fact that America is facing an emergency food shortage.

Iron Gate provides 600 meals every day of the year, which equals 219,000 meals a year. They also provide 100 grocery bags of food a week, or 5,200 a year, to those they serve.

Their other services include:

Social Service Agency referrals
Tuberculosis screenings
Hygiene kits
Special holiday meals
Socks, hats, gloves and blankets in cold weather

For more information about Iron Gate visit: http://www.irongatetulsa.org/