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530 East Main St. • Norman, OK  73071
405 • 364 • 3703

The Sarkeys Meeting Room is only available to organizations designated as a 501(c)(3). You must provide proof
of 501(c)(3) designation.

All Sarkeys Foundation buildings and grounds are non-smoking.

Please check with the Events Manager about decorations. Our contract prohibits items such as rice and confetti, flammable materials, and tape, tacks, adhesive spray, etc. on the wall.

Serving of alcoholic beverages requires prior approval.

A / V requirements should be scheduled when the contract is signed.

The Sarkeys Meeting Room has a catering kitchen. We will supply a list of approved caterers. The use of a
caterer not on our list requires advance approval.

The Sarkeys Meeting Room and kitchen should be left the way you found them. Sarkeys Foundation reserves
the right to assess a cleaning fee or collect for damages, if necessary.

Please discuss any special needs with the Events Manager prior to the event date.

A certificate of insurance showing proof of general liability insurance with a minimum of one million dollars
per occurrence, naming the Sarkeys Foundation as an additional insured, is required.

The Sarkeys Meeting Room is ADA compliant. The accessible entrances are on the south side of Sarkeys Foundation.